About Data


The data within this searchable database meets all quality assurance requirements of the Clean Rivers Program (CRP) and the Brazos River Authority Environmental Services. The data was collected under CRP Quality Assurance Project Plans for inclusion in the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's (TCEQ) SWQMIS database.

Although the use of qualifiers is acceptable under the Environmental Services Laboratory Quality Manual, qualified data is not accepted into the SWQMIS database and therefore not included in this database. Qualifiers are notations attached to data that indicate a problem of some kind with the data (exceeded holding time, one of the QC samples did not meet criteria, etc.); the data may be acceptable for some purposes.

LOQ and Calibration Range

Results below the limit of quantitation (LOQ) are indicated with "<". Results above the calibration range are indicated with ">".

Empty Records

Not all parameters have results for each sampling event due to non-collection or quality assurance rejection. This will cause the retrieval of empty records upon query.

Sampling Locations

All data within this database are grab samples collected either monthly or quarterly as required by the appropriate QAPP. Stream samples were collected at 0.3 meters below the surface. Routine water chemistry (water temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, pH, and salinity) in reservoirs were measured as a profile of the water column. Measurements up to 2005 were made at each meter after 2005 the measurements were taken at 1.5 meter increments or 3 meter increments depending on the depth of the site. Reservoir samples for analyses conducted in the lab were collected at 0.3 meters below the surface.

Each year the Brazos River Authority holds a Coordinated Monitoring meeting with other entities sampling within the Brazos River basin and coordinates sampling locations to maximize coverage of the basin. All data is submitted to TCEQ SWQIS.