Data Search, Display and Download Instructions

Data Search

Data searching is a three step process.

  1. Location
    1. Select a watershed, stream segment or station.
    2. To see the segments and stations in a specific watershed, first select the watershed. Once a watershed is selected the segment and station lists will show only those items applicable to the selected watershed.
    3. You must select a watershed, a segment or a monitoring station. If you fail to select an item from this area the data query will not run.
  2. Date Range
    1. The default date range is from January 1, 1997 to the current date.
    2. To narrow the date range you can either:
      1. Highlight the dates in the Start Date and End Date fields and type in a new date (mm/dd/yyyy), or
      2. Use the selectable calendars to the right of the textbox
  3. Select Parameters of Interest
    1. To select specific parameter groups click in the box to the left of the parameter group. Multiple parameter groups may be selected at the same time.
    2. Failure to select a parameter group will return results for all parameters.

Once Location, Date Range and Parameters are selected click the “Get Data” button.

Results Display

Depending on the size of the data set requested and the speed of your internet connection, it may take from up to a minute or more to perform the search and display records. The default ordering of records is by Station ID (ascending), then by date (descending) and for reservoir sites the by depth (descending).

Export Data

This feature offers the choice of downloading or viewing in an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet the results. For downloading large data sets, downloading the data offers the most convenience and flexibility. Once you have it in Excel, you can arrange and work with the data in the way most suited to your objectives.

To export the data to Excel simply click the “Export Data” button on the upper right hand corner of the results display. You computer will then prompt you to either view the data in Excel or save the data.