Stream/Reservoir Segments

Water quality standards are used by TCEQ as the maximum or minimum instream concentrations that may result from permitted discharges and nonpoint sources and still meet designated uses. To resolve the issues of regional and geological diversity of the state, standards are developed for classified segments. Classified segments are defined segments of waterways that are unique from other segments. Each classified segment has been designated a four-digit code. The Brazos River Basin is designated by the number 12. Each classified segment is distinguished by the next two numbers, for example, the Brazos River Tidal Segment: 1201. Appropriate water uses such as contact recreation, public water supply, and aquatic life are then applied to the segments. Site-specific water quality criteria have been developed for water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, bacteria, chloride, sulfate and total dissolved solids for classified segments. Site-specific chlorophyll a standards have been developed for several reservoirs. Many streams that are not classified segments are assessed throughout the state and are considered unclassified waterbodies and are coded with the four-digit designation followed by a letter, such as 1201A. Most of these unclassified waterbodies do not have specific water quality standards developed for them. For assessment purposes, unclassified streams are assessed using the numeric criteria developed for the classified segment into which the stream flows unless site-specific criteria have been developed. Site-specific water quality criteria have been developed for dissolved oxygen and bacteria for several unclassified waterbodies.

The Brazos River basin includes 59 classified segments and 171 unclassified segments. The classified and unclassified segments of the Brazos River basin are listed below. Of the 230 classified segments, 185 are stream segments and 45 are reservoirs.

Brazos River Basin Subwatersheds

Double Mountain Fork and Salt Fork Watershed

Segment 1208  - Brazos River above Possum Kingdom Lake
1208A  - Millers Creek Reservoir
Segment 1238  - Salt Fork Brazos River
1238A  - Croton Creek
Segment 1239  - White River
Segment 1240  - White River Lake
1240A  - White River above White River Lake
Segment 1241  - Double Mountain Fork Brazos River
1241A  - North Fork Double Mountain Fork Brazos River
1241B  - Lake Alan Henry
1241C  - Buffalo Springs Lake
1241D  - South Fork Double Mountain Fork Brazos River upstream of confluence with North Fork Double Mountain Fork

Clear Fork Watershed

Segment 1232  - Clear Fork Brazos River
1232A  - California Creek
1232B  - Deadman Creek
1232C  - Paint Creek
Segment 1233  - Hubbard Creek Reservoir
1233A  - Big Sandy Creek
1233B  - Hubbard Creek
Segment 1234  - Lake Cisco
Segment 1235  - Lake Stamford
Segment 1236  - Fort Phantom Hill Reservoir
1236A  - Cedar Creek
Segment 1237  - Lake Sweetwater

Upper Brazos River Watershed

Segment 1203  - Lake Whitney
1203A  - Steele Creek
Segment 1204  - Brazos River below Lake Granbury
1204A  - Camp Creek
Segment 1205  - Lake Granbury
1205A  - McCarty Branch
1205B  - Bee Creek
1205C  - Walnut Creek
1205D  - Contrary Creek
1205E  - Rucker Creek
1205F  - Strouds Creek
1205G  - Robinson Creek
1205H  - Long Creek
Segment 1206  - Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake
1206B  - Rock Creek
1206D  - Palo Pinto Creek below Palo Pinto Lake
1206E  - Lake Mineral Wells
Segment 1207  - Possum Kingdom Lake
Segment 1208  - Brazos River Above Possum Kingdom Lake
Segment 1227  - Nolan River
1227A  - Buffalo Creek
Segment 1228  - Lake Pat Cleburne
Segment 1229  - Paluxy River
1229A  - Squaw Creek Reservoir
Segment 1230  - Lake Palo Pinto
1230A  - Palo Pinto Creek above Lake Palo Pinto
Segment 1231  - Lake Graham
Segment 1257  - Brazos River below Lake Whitney

Aquilla Creek Watershed

Segment 1254  - Lake Aquilla
1254A  - Hackberry Creek
1254B  - Aquilla Creek upstream of Aquilla Reservoir
1256A  - Aquilla Creek

Bosque River Watershed

Segment 1225  - Lake Waco
1225A  - Hog Creek
Segment 1226  - North Bosque River
1226A  - Duffau Creek
1226B  - Green Creek
1226C  - Meridian Creek
1226D  - Neils Creek
1226E  - Indian Creek
1226F  - Sims Creek
1226G  - Spring Creek
1226H  - Alarm Creek
1226I  - Gilmore Creek
1226J  - Honey Creek
1226K  - Little Duffau Creek
1226L  - South Fork Little Green Creek
1226M  - Little Green Creek
1226N  - Indian Creek Reservoir
1226O  - Sims Creek Reservoir
1226P  - Spring Creek Reservoir
1226Q  - Walker Branch
Segment 1246  - Middle Bosque/South Bosque River
1246A  - Harris Creek
1246C  - Unnamed Tributary of South Bosque River
1246D  - Tonk Creek
1246E  - Wasp Creek
Segment 1255  - Upper North Bosque River
1255A  - Goose Branch
1255B  - North Fork Upper North Bosque River
1255C  - Scarborough Creek
1255D  - South Fork North Bosque River
1255E  - Unnamed Tributary of Goose Branch
1255F  - Unnamed Tributary of Scarborough Creek
1255G  - Woodhollow Branch
1255H  - South Fork Upper North Bosque River Reservoir
1255I  - Dry Branch
1255J  - Goose Branch Reservoir
1255K  - Scarborough Creek Reservoir
Segment 1256  - Brazos River/Lake Brazos

Leon River Watershed

Segment 1218  - Nolan Creek
1218A  - Unnamed Tributary to Little Nolan Creek
1218B  - South Nolan Creek
1218C  - Little Nolan Creek
Segment 1219  - Leon River below Belton Lake
Segment 1220  - Belton Lake
1220A  - Cowhouse Creek
Segment 1221  - Leon River below Lake Proctor
1221A  - Resley Creek
1221B  - South Leon River
1221C  - Pecan Creek
1221D  - Indian Creek
1221E  - Plum Creek
1221F  - Walnut Creek
1221G  - Coryell Creek
Segment 1222  - Lake Proctor
1222A  - Duncan Creek
1222B  - Rush-Copperas Creek
1222C  - Sabana River
1222D  - Sowells Creek
1222E  - Sweetwater Creek
1222F  - Hackberry Creek
Segment 1223  - Leon River below Leon Reservoir
1223A  - Armstrong Creek
1223B  - Cow Creek
Segment 1224  - Lake Leon
Segment 1259  - Leon River Above Belton Lake

Lampasas River Watershed

Segment 1215  - Lampasas River below Stillhouse Hollow Lake
Segment 1216  - Stillhouse Hollow Lake
1216A  - Trimmier Creek
1216B  - Onion Creek
Segment 1217  - Lampasas River above Stillhouse Hollow Lake
1217A  - Rocky Creek
1217B  - Sulphur Creek
1217C  - Simms Creek
1217D  - North Fork Rocky Creek
1217E  - South Fork Rocky Creek
1217F  - Reese Creek
1217G  - Clear Creek
Segment 1242  - Brazos River Above Navasota River
Segment 1243  - Salado Creek

Little River Watershed

Segment 1213  - Little River
1213A  - Big Elm Creek
1213B  - Little Elm Creek
1213C  - Unnamed Tributary of Little Elm Creek
Segment 1214  - San Gabriel River
Segment 1244  - Brushy Creek
1244A  - Brushy Creek above South Brushy Creek
1244B  - Lake Creek
1244D  - South Brushy Creek
Segment 1247  - Lake Granger
1247A  - Willis Creek
Segment 1248  - San Gabriel/North Fork San Gabriel River
1248A  - Berry Creek
1248B  - Huddleston Branch
1248C  - Mankins Branch
1248D  - Middle Fork San Gabriel River
Segment 1249  - Lake Georgetown
Segment 1250  - South Fork San Gabriel River
Segment 1251  - North Fork San Gabriel River

Navasota River Watershed

Segment 1209  - Navasota River below Lake Limestone
1209A  - Country Club Lake
1209B  - Fin Feather Lake
1209C  - Carters Creek
1209D  - Country Club Branch
1209E  - Wickson Creek
1209F  - Wolfpen Creek
1209G  - Cedar Creek
1209H  - Duck Creek
1209I  - Gibbons Creek
1209J  - Shepherd Creek
1209K  - Steele Creek
1209L  - Burton Creek
1209N  - Gibbons Creek Reservoir
1209O  - Normangee Lake
1209P  - Clear Creek
Segment 1210  - Lake Mexia
1210A  - Navasota River above Lake Mexia
Segment 1252  - Lake Limestone
Segment 1253  - Navasota River below Lake Mexia
1253A  - Springfield Lake

Central Brazos River Watershed

Segment 1242  - Brazos River above Navasota River
1242A  - Marlin City Lakes System
1242B  - Cottonwood Branch
1242C  - Still Creek
1242D  - Thompson Creek
1242E  - Little Brazos River
1242F  - Pond Creek
1242H  - Tradinghouse Reservoir
1242I  - Campbells Creek
1242J  - Deer Creek
1242K  - Mud Creek
1242L  - Pin Oak Creek
1242M  - Spring Creek
1242N  - Tehuacana Creek
1242O  - Walnut Creek
1242P  - Big Creek
1242Q  - Bull Hide Creek
1242R  - Cow Bayou
Segment 1256  - Brazos River/Lake Brazos

Yegua Creek Watershed

Segment 1211  - Yegua Creek
1211A  - Davidson Creek
Segment 1212  - Somerville Lake
1212A  - Middle Yegua Creek
1212B  - East Yegua Creek
1212C  - Nail Creek
1212D  - Cedar Creek
1212E  - McCain Creek
1212F  - Burns Creek
1212G  - Jerdelle Creek
1212H  - Sandy Branch
1212I  - Birch Creek
1212J  - Big Creek
1212K  - Brushy Creek
1212L  - Yegua Creek

Lower Brazos River Watershed

Segment 1201  - Brazos River Tidal
Segment 1202  - Brazos River below Navasota River
1202B  - Rabbs Bayou
1202C  - Hog Branch
1202E  - Little Sandy Creek
1202H  - Allen's Creek
1202I  - Bessie's Creek
1202J  - Big Creek
1202K  - Mill Creek
1202P  - Pond Creek
1202Q  - Clear Creek
Segment 1245  - Upper Oyster Creek
1245B  - Brown's Bayou
1245C  - Bullhead Bayou
1245D  - Unnamed Tributary of Bullhead Bayou
1245F  - Alcorn Bayou
1245I  - Steep Bank Creek

Upper Oyster Creek Watershed

Segment 1245  - Upper Oyster Creek
1245A  - Red Gully
1245E  - Flewellen Creek
1245F  - Alcorn Bayou
1245G  - Brooks Lake
1245H  - Alkire Lake
1245J  - Stafford Run